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SAVE $25! 2019 Local (BCCAR) REALTOR® Dues Billing

The invoices for the local (BCCAR) dues for 2019 were emailed on July 10th. You can save $25 with the early payment processing discount, if you pay by September 15, 2018. If you choose not to take advantage of the early pay discount, the BCCAR invoice will then be due along with the state (NJR) and national (NAR) fees at the end of the year.   

NAR® Ethics Enforcement Update

NAR® Board of Directors have given associations new teeth for enforcing Code of Ethics violations.

Under changes to the NAR® Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual, local associations that choose to adopt the policy can publicize the names of members and the nature of their violations after a second violation of the Code of Ethics. They can also release a photograph of the member as part of that public disclosure.

Also, there are changes to how the listing broker or agent responds to an offer. View pdf NAR ethics enforcement may 19 2018 (51 KB) for all of the details.

CEO Update - "Coming Soon" Listings

We have had a lot of calls coming in regarding "Coming Soon" listings and the rules and regulations that the state has for them. Please view THIS short video from the National Association of REALTORS to give you a better understanding of the rules. 

 - Must have a valid Listing Agreement and must have a waiver from the seller to keep the listing off the MLS. 



Coming soon...

We are revamping our online store presence to help you find all of the items you need all in one place!


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